Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm pissed and I don't care who knows it

I was reading CNN yesterday, in fact here is a link to the story, talking about how a size 10 is really a size 14. So if I've lost 15 lbs and am making my way down to a size 10/12 that means I'm really a 14 and the damn fashion industry is trying to make me "feel good" about being a 10, but I'm really a 14 and crap - that means I'm still fat.


We as a nation, me included, are relying more and more on technology to get everything done. We have more and more to do - aren't getting anything for all the extra work. Remember the days when there were no cell phones and if you weren't at home or in the office, people couldn't reach you. OMG I wish those days were back. I mean imagine going for a walk and the phone not ringing, or driving without the phone (or ear jack) at your ear. I can walk down the mall and search the Internet and forward a contract or a photo or whatever while I'm running my errands and I wonder why I forget everything all the time. BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS TRYING TO DO TO MUCH AT ONCE and I'm all elated that I'm 2 sizes smaller when instead of being a 14 to begin with I was an 18 which means HOLY CRAP I'd let myself go.

Once upon a time I was a skinny girl with protruding hip bones and a concave stomach and 20 lbs under my "ideal" weight on that doctor's office chart. Now I'm more than 30 lbs over that ideal weight on that chart and the scary part is I'm happy that I'm not 50 lbs over it.

I am overweight, I know it but I am trying really hard to get back to a healthy weight and in a healthy way. I know that its not easy. I know that some people have issues about losing weight. My mother & grandmother have hypothyroidism. My father has diabetes. I've spent time cooking stuff that makes me pork up like a balloon because its what the kids or The Husband want. I don't fault anyone for being overweight because I'm there. But what really, really pisses me off is there is instead of trying to deal with the increasing size of America we are trying to make everyone feel better about their self by changing the size.

When is you-know-what is America and the rest of the world going to wake up and realize its not all about feeling good. Changing sizes to make people feel better is not going to get them healthy. Bailing out the banks is not going to solve the economic problem. Socializing health care is not going to solve the insurance crisis. Building debt is not going to help our nation. Bailing failing companies out is also not going to solve the world problems. And Congress has additional screwed up a BIG deal with laws regarding real estate appraisals that will set real estate back which will set back the economy.

It is all a giant screw up. Seriously.

I'm pissed that what I thought was a big giant step forward on my way to skinny is just a big giant lesson in retail deception.


Screwed Up Texan said...


I am the last one to take dieting advice from, however I think my problem isn't so much as overeating as not exercising. Now if only it would cool down some here in Texas so I would feel comfortable enough to work up a sweat rather than just sweating. (I don't like gyms.)

Flutterby said...

You are NOT overweight!!

Julie said...

Excellent rant.

Smirking Cat said...

But it's all a game in extremes: our society calls a normal weight "plus-sized" and uses skin-and-bones models to push clothes onto us, then wonders why women are obsessed with their weight.

Part of losing weight in a healthy way is realizing that we are manipulated every day into seeing ourselves as unacceptable if we have body fat or hair on our legs or a single hair out of place. Why aren't we just as obsessed over becoming smarter, stronger, or making the world a better place? Does it all really come down to our f*cking dress size?

OK, you got me going now :) Just saying...women buy too readily into the concept that all that matters is the shape of our bodies. Let's make a healthy weight also include a healthy mindset.

Heather said...


I am also over the "ideal" body weight. What's ideal for my frame isn't ideal for yours, even if we are the same height! I was a size 4 the day I got married and am now a 10. I thought I was fat back then! If you had told me that in 4 years, I'd be 50 pounds heavier, I think I might have shot myself. Now, while not exactly content with my weight, I am more focused on my overall health. I am going to physical therapy, eating better, and making more informed choices about my health overall. Isn't that more important than my friggin' waistline? We, as an overall culture, as seriously deluded. I agree with you - our focus is all wrong. :-(

phairhead said...

Dear God, I feel the EXACT same way. I'm sick of trying to fit into impossible beauty standards. I want to look better but it's a process and i don't appreciate the world telling me I'm a fatty. I'm a size 11 and I'm constantly beating myself up about it. It's sick! Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 16?