Sunday, May 23, 2010

Its over

Well it has been about a month since I've been here last.  I'd like to tell you all the things that have happened in the last month, but I'm not really there.  Let's live in the moment.  I watched the series finale of LOST.  I'm not sure what I think.  I will reserve judgment until I've watched it again.  After watching I walked outside and climbed onto the trampoline and just watched the stars.  The moon lighted the whole backyard and the clouds were very apparent.  A few stars were in my view.  The wind in the trees the only sound.  Although I am not upset with the ending, I feel incomplete.  ~sigh~  I want to crawl in the mud, and hold Jack.  I can't believe its over.

"NOOOOOOO!"  Dijea screamed.

What in the heck am I going to watch now?


phairhead said...

we still don't know what the island is!!!

however, i love how the last shot was the same as the 1st shot of the 1st episode

Anonymous said...

Will and Grace. Without a single doubt.

Butterfly kisses