Monday, April 26, 2010

School Project: Book Cover

For my final Digital Imaging project I have to create a mock up of a book.  Not just any book, but a real book that has been re-designed.  I'm pretty excited about what I created so I'm going to show you.  See school is paying off!

What do you think?  See the original here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

AWESOMENESS & Being Blocked

Yesterday was awesome.  I had a good day, got a few things done, didn't do a few others.  Took a 5 mile walk around the lake, something I completely love and haven't managed enough of over the last few months.  The weather has finally been nice enough, but the two days I don't have school my husband's work schedule has changed and I'm not able to do my exercise.  Well, it has made a world of difference in my attitude.  Yesterday I found the perfect picture, I found the "good hurt" unfortunately, I didn't sleep, but that's another problem.

I worked today, not bad.  I was constantly busy, but not overwhelmed and my favorite boss came to see me.  Charles is always such a happy sight to see that it just put the cherry on top of my sundae so to speak. (That's sounds a little weird, even to me.)

So what's my problem?  I can't get the ridiculousness of Wednesday out of my head.  You know what my problem is - I can't accept being wrong.  I can't except it when someone doesn't see my point of view.  And, I can't get over it when what I see as the something special in my art is what someone else sees as the fault in my art.  So, instead I sit here with a sound project due in my multimedia class and I am DEAD BLOCKED.  There is nothing that's going to get me out of this funk.  NOTHING.  On top of everything I'm half deaf and instead of dealing with my problem head on I want to attack from the flank.  I also have a crap-load of homework due in other classes that this funk is affecting.  I NEED A BETTER THERAPIST THAN ME!

So now you know my fault.  I'm perfect & I live in an imperfect world and can't accept it.

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  I'll take any advice, or I'll be happy to come over for a margarita.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Um, do they still make Calgon? I need it to take me away.

I'm having one of THOSE days.  Actually, I'm having one of those weeks.  Why you ask?  Well how about I just bullet point it for you:

  • There was a fire at the house on Saturday
  • I am WAY behind on my school work
  • I am having to deal with the school district regarding H2's diability
  • Emergency Vet Bill - need I say more
  • I just had a flat tire
  • The pollen count is ridiculously high (4000+)
Those are just the highlights and all this is since Saturday.  

Someone, send me a bottle of wine.