Friday, August 29, 2008


Iamhavinganotheroneofthosenospacebardays.  Idon'tknowwhyithappenstome,itjustdoes.  ItslikeIcan'tfindmywayinaseaofjumbledeverything.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its Official.

I am finally in my kitchen.  I have about 5 more boxes in storage that needs to be unpacked, but I'm in, my dishes have been washed and placed in my cabinets.  I couldn't be happier.  My contractor is the most amazing thing ever.  He did my kitchen and den in under 6 weeks.  Almost no problems and we only went about $400 over the bid.  Yes, I know you want his number and if you ask nicely you can have it.

Coach Barnes!

I am officially more in the know that Unstable.  She has not yet posted about Stu Barnes retirement and new job as an assistant coach with the Dallas Stars.

AWESOME!  Nice to know we still have him on our side.

Welcome, Coach Barnes!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My day so far....

Today was my first day back at work (during the week that is) and the kids first day back at school.  Hunter was a trooper on his first day at Kindergarten and did awesome.  Ethan I know will have a similar report, however he is not home yet. 

Work was great.  I have THE most hilarious guy in my office (LOVE HIM!) his sense of humor might actually be dryer than mine and when we talk, people stare at the unusualness of it, but it puts the biggest smile on my face because he just plain makes me laugh.  Life is good when you can look forward to that every day.  I am also lucky to have the most awesome of all workplace environments.  Seriously, it rocks.

Oh, and I'm sitting her  writing this blog entry so I don't have to cut drawer liners.  I'm totally in to procrastination.  I think its a genetic defect.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I saw this on Smirking Cat's blog and decided to try it and see. I kind of liked the outcome so here is my recipe:

The Recipe For Dijea
3 parts Giddiness
2 parts Pizzazz
1 part Instinct

Splash of Laughter

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am stressing about the mother of all stresses right now.  NOT KNOWING THE ANSWER TO A QUESTION I REALLY FEEL THE NEED TO HAVE THE ANSWER TO.  I don't even know if I need to be stressing about it in the first place, its all conjecture, could be and maybe right now. Totally freaking out.   And no its not the pregnant thing.   Understand that? 

If you do (or even if you don't) please wish good karma our way.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music is my happy pill.

I love music.  I can't carry a tune, I can't sing, but I love to listen.  I listen to everything.  My ipod is an huge mish mash of everything.  I have tons of Alternative, some Head Banging Rock, some Opera & Classical, I have country, blue grass, christian/gospel, tons of 80's new wave and even some 70's singer/songwriter gems.  But right this minute  Waylon Jennings popped up on iTunes and my stress went out the window.  That man had a voice like no other.

I need a search party for my sanity

Have you ever had one of those days?  Yes, we all have that was an incredibly stupid questions.  I on the other hand have had one of those weeks.  Yesterday, I spent 4 hours stressed to the hilt dealing with insurance companies/doctor's offices & State Regulating Offices.  We tried installing my over the range microwave and the installation instructions were not included.  So that had to be switched out.  Oh and my brand new double oven that was installed.  The bottom oven rattles when you turn it on.  The repair people are coming Monday to fix it because TODAY they are working on my floors.  We have the lovely hum (I mean scream) of a floor sander.  I slammed the crown of my head on the corner of a cabinet.  This was about an hour ago, I am still seeing double. Oh, and my husband is currently at the doctor for his back.  The back story is a whole different post.  

Happy Day.  I'm off to see if there is a magic happy pill somewhere.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello, Hate My Insurance Company

OK, so I've been fighting with the insurance company over eye exams.  They cover eye exams, but apparently if you have a certain diagnosis you aren't covered.  Now would somebody please explain how you can cover eye examinations, but if you get diagnosed with a particular problem they won't cover it?  

Insurance Company: "Yes Ms. Customer, eye examinations are covered on your policy.  Please feel free to get checked out."

Customer: "Thank you insurance Company."

Customer: "Excuse me Mr. Insurance Company, you told me eye exams were covered and I just got an Explanation of Benefits that you denied my claim.  Can you explain that?"

Insurance Company: "Yes Ms. Customer, you were diagnosed with X, and we don't cover that, so your exam was not covered."

Customer: "But how can I find out I have X without an exam?"

Insurance Company:  "You can't"

Customer: "Then why won't you cover the exam like it says in the packet/contract we have with your company?"

Insurance Company: "Because you were diagnosed with X."

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it.  If anyone is wondering the insurance just so you can know in case you ever have a choice on insurance companies.  It is Humana.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Moms of the world, I need your advice, your brains and your ability to stay calm yet totally kick the sh*t out of an insurance company.

Yes, you heard me right.  I want to kick my insurance company's a**.

I took both of my children to the pediatric opthamologist.  The exam was covered by my insurance company for one child, but not the other.  Please give me the wording so that I can properly appeal this denial without having to threaten lawsuits and or any other nastiness.  

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!   Thank you in advance for all your wonderful advice.  

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm home.

I came home today from 5 days in San Antonio with my parents and grandma.  The kids had a great time, I think my parents were thankful to see us leave and enjoy the quiet.  Grandma just loves company.  

I enjoyed 5 hours of whining kids in the car, nasty 18-wheeler traffic and a lovely rain shower in which I could only see about 10 feet in front of me.  Lucky for me I was in the middle of road construction and had a 3 foot concrete barrier to keep me on the road.  Whoo Hoo!!!

I then got home to find cat barf on my bed, I am now on load 3 of laundry, but I do have clean sheets on the bed and the felines are already shedding on the bed - I haven't even gotten to get in yet.  

My children asked for dessert after a rather unappealing thrown together dinner, but due to the fact that there is nothing in the kitchen and the refrigerator is in the garage, I told them to just get in their beds.   (The remodel is almost done - Thank God!)


Is that too much to ask?  Thankfully it only took me about 90 minutes to get them quiet, so I've had an hour to myself and I've done a little catching up on the blogs I haven't managed to get to in the last week.  And I have work to look forward to tomorrow.  Work itself is great, I just once want to not have to be anything but Dijea, not mother, not wife, not worker, not anything but me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I need 5 minutes peace.

I've been at my parents house with the children for three days now. It seems that whatever I tell the children not to do they do it faster, louder and with more annoying whine that ever. I think I'm going to go insane. I'm sure they are praying for Friday so they can wave good-bye from the front porch and then run inside and enjoy the quiet. I just double locked myself in the bathroom so I could enjoy 10 minutes of peace - I needed to wash my hair too, but it was mainly for the quiet. Seriously.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!

To an awesome and talented DAD:  Happy Birthday.

By the way, this is the look on his face was when we accidentally told him his age in Dog years.  HA!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RIP Xbox 360 #3

Our household is in mourning for the latest member of our family to get the red ring of death.  Yes, The Husband's third Xbox 360 got that nasty red ring of death again.  Somehow we made it through the night.  There were a few wails of sadness and frustration - especially because there is some Battlefield Bad Company has some new download out today.  

Its a sad day, I'm making us all black armbands.  Pray that The Husband will make it through the weekend without a total breakdown.

Seriously, I'm not kidding about this - maybe the armbands were a bit much, but seriously my husband is in mourning.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Then Mario happened.

I was having a very good evening.  I got into the shower to wash the cemetery dirt (see post below if you're wondering) and got out of the shower to find this....

I think that Mario must have thought the roll of toilet paper was ceiling cat. HEH! HEH! HEH!  But all I saw was a bunch of little wet pieces of toilet paper all over my bed that I just put clean sheets on today.  

Life is so NOT fair.

I had way too much fun.

I did something totally outside my comfort zone today and had the most fun.  I met with fellow blogger Spookyrach and had dinner and perused a cemetery.  That probably sounds strange to some of you, but she like cemeteries and I had been needing an excuse to go to this one and "check it out". 

We had dinner first and then sweated in the 100+++++ degree heat in the oldest Catholic Cemetery in town.  We had a great time and I feel like I didn't do anything silly and embarrassing. (We all know I'm pretty much socially inept.)

I took some great pictures, I'll leave it to Rach to post the good ones she took on her "Friday Cemetery Blogging" however here's favorite from my camera.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a blimp.

No, it's SUPER to leap small children in a single bound.  

I was hanging out with my Super-Friends, when the a call came for help and I was off in a flash.  Apparently there some children who would not use their inside voices and their mom was in a tizzy.  Stressed out and overwhelmed from two screaming kids whining and screaming inside the house due to the incredibly high temperatures here in Metropolis.  She didn't know what to do.  I swept in and offered some distraction to the kiddos and a few minutes of time to herself with glass of wine for Mom.  It was after 5, of course.  

After a few minutes to re-start that MOM was right-as-rain and I was off to solve another crisis in the booming city of Metropolis.

**Special thanks to Jenny for helping me with this picture**

Yes, I am a total nerd, but I"m OK with it.